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Alchemy in Nebulum has been around since men first began to explore the new world. It is partly a categorizing method and an identification method.

For identification, the world is broken down into three basic sections: Sky, Land, and Water. Each of these is further broken down into three primary components. Each of these components has a variety of sub-components which all fit into that category. The various sections can also represent colors.

The Book of Zarc includes an interesting addition to this system by adding a completely new section with five components for living things. The components of that section are Race, Bird, Animal, Fish, and Plant.



There are ten alchemy characteristics. These are taken from the circle which represents everything of Nebulum and the other nine possible variations made by putting one of the three components of the three sections into that circle.

Symbol Name Definition
Nebulum Everything
Anash (Sky) Light
Efilom (Sky) Equality
Ekuvash (Sky) Darkness
Ashalam (Land) Fragility
Uselip (Land) Fragile Strength / Stony
Ebiron (Land) Strength
Ipilan (Water) Heat
Asibor (Water) Warmth
Eciron (Water) Cold


Sky is made up of the sun, moons, and stars. It tells of both light and darkness and their origins. It is said that the stars hold the keys to the future but that study often leads into astrology.

Symbol Name Definition
Upolin Sky
Akalim Sun, Red
Ajolar Moon, Yellow
Efithor Stars, Orange


Land is the place where men live. The main component is rock and hidden among that can be found the various metals and crystals. Land tells of the strength of metal, the fragility of crystals, and how rock is strong but can be broken into smaller fragments.

Symbol Name Definition
Inifitil Land
Ejeshar Crystal, Black
Ubedifok Rock, Brown
Itarim Metal, Silver (color)
Efiron (Metal) Steel
Editol (Metal) Gold
Erihan (Metal) Silver
Ejiron (Metal) Iron Ore


Water is the substance which stays lower than land except when it is unable to move in its frozen form. Water tells of temperature.

Symbol Name Definition
Alahas Water
Afiritor Seawater, Purple
Etogos Freshwater, Blue
Ecitahas Ice, White