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Medicines were also known as the "common man's potions". They were made with various plants, animals, and other natural ingredients. One of the most notable medicines is that made from greenberries. It was found to be the only cure for the white plague. However, it the infection rate of the white plague was usually so fast that vaccination was not possible.

  • Episora Tea: Also known as Barbidon tea, this is used for upset stomachs.
  • Greenberry Powder: This is the only cure for the white plague.
  • Hagsnik: This was an ointment well known for its regenerative healing properties.
  • Iceberry Salve: This plant that only grows in sub-freezing temperatures is used to soothe boils. It can also be used on frostbite if allowed to soak into the skin and the sugarwater is rubbed on top.
  • Igshor Cream: This medicinal product is used for itchy scalp.
  • Moldy Worms: This may actually be an old wives tale. It is supposed to cure foot warts by soaking your feet in a pail of water mixed with the ashes of the burnt moldy worms.