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The blue flag of the Barbidons.
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The Barbidons are a race of blue-skinned biped creatures which stand almost twice as tall as a man. At creation, the Barbidons were given the land of Lajolaine, and quickly spread across that area. When Lajolaine was destroyed, the Barbidons took Sarda as their primary land.


The Barbidons had an interesting culture. They were primitive in their demeener yet able to maintain a complex civilization.

During the time of Great King Turos I, the Barbidon race was almost destroyed by a great battle which covered their entire land. In an effort to bring back their race, the Barbidon elders began the first mass marriage rituals. These happened again during the time of the Dark Wizard Zarvaz.


The Barbidons are known for the uniqueness of their food. It is often spicier and more flavorful. Some of their dishes of renown are baked gigiwivith, smoked thagegigogug jerky, and sifdria.

Barbidon cuisine is different from the rest of the world in that most of their drinks are at least slightly alcoholic except for the tea drunk by the elderly. This has led to the rumor that the Barbidons in one city could consume as much alcohol in one night as the entire rest of the world. It is possible that this may be what causes them to be more of a raucous culture. They have a wide variety of drinks ranging from chigel to worret.

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