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Iceberries grow on a viny plant that has a white stalk. It takes root in dry soil beneath an overhang and grows downward seeking more nutrients. The berries are an opaque light blue color and only grow in the winter when it is below freezing point. Because it only grows in the winter, it produces a chemical which lowers its own freezing point much further. The plant was originally only found in Etnyben, but was imported to Sarda by the Barbidons.

Iceberries have a tart bitter taste and are unfit for eating and may cause a variety of ill effects. However, the Barbidons do drink the diluted juice served hot with melted butter. It still has the tart bitter taste, but it is barely noticable because of the dilution and added butter. It is believed that drinking the juice will increase an individual's tolerance of the cold. During the winter, the Barbidons will take iceberry juice with them because it has a lower freezing point than water. Interestingly, the juice reacts with sugar to create heat so Barbidons usually carry sugar with them when they travel in the winter. Iceberries also have a few medicinal uses.