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Etnyben is the largest continent in Nebulum and covers over half the world. It was first colonized by Torham, the second son of Belagara. It soon became one of the most populated lands in the world. Unfortunately, almost everyone in Etnyben was killed by the white plague when Nazada was destroyed. All that remained were a few small scattered villages in remote places.

The part of Etnyben on the far side of the world was mostly hilly grasslands with wide plains closer to the coast. It was here that most of Etnyben's civilization thrived. On the other side, just south of Tanarad, was the Kiremo Desert. South of that was a very large range of mountains stretching from the south pole to the coast on the other side of the desert. These mountains were believed to be impassable until Josloy discovered a pass though them. East of these mountains was the Razhin Jungle. Moving further eastward along the coast were the Red Mountains. East of these was a narrow flatland and then a few mountains and hills surrounding the Bay of Ivil. Southeast of the Red Mountains was Lake Icavor, which according to legend, was made by the tears of Yanna'Reh. The great Icavor River ran from this lake, across Etnyben, and emptied into the ocean on the far side. Between the Red Mountains and the south pole, there was a very large forest.


Several notable creatures are known to live in Etnyben. Elkenar Antelope live in the thick forests. Near the south pole, thagegigogugs, creatures named by the Barbidons, are often found in great herds. The naza'khashel live in the icy mountains around Nazada. The Razhin Jungle is home to many other interesting creatures such as the stickmoth and megapede. It is believed that the Red Mountains are where dragons originated, but they were not commonly seen.


The first residents of Etnyben probably arrived around the year 200 [1:200]. The first city was built along the coast and called Torheem. Over time, other cities such as Forada, Pilor, and Sehol were founded. Farmers grew crops on the plains. Lumber was harvested in the forests. The more populated regions of Etnyben became a very busy land, while other places were so sparcely populated that neighbors lived days apart.

In the year 492 [2:0], Nazada was built as the stronghold of the Dark Lunari. From here they sent out armies and soldiers of darkness to ravage and subdue the rest of the world. Twice, the Great Kings attacked with great armies. During the First Battle of Nazada, the Great King Darthan was killed and his army defeated. It wasn't until the year 1993 [2:1501], in the Second Battle of Nazada, that Great King Emanpugnikam destroyed Nazada. At this time, the white plague was unleashed and spread across the land, killing everyone in its path.

After its destruction, Etnyben became a forgotten land. Other than the few survivors that continued to eak out an existence, no one remembered it. In the year 4556 [8:0], the Dark Magicians suddenly covered the world with a thick layer of volcanic ash spewed from the Red Mountains. The world remembered Etnyben and sent a small army to investigate the new threat. The only survivor from this army was Nidiz, and the legends he told on his return motivated the world to spend many years battling against them. Despite the many attempts, there was no success, and some of the failures were almost legendary, like that of Gulith the Barbidon in 5019 [8:463]. It wasn't until 5689 [8:1133] that Josloy devised a plan and managed to defeat the Dark Magicians.

After Josloy, Etnyben was once again left to itself and mostly forgotten by the rest of the world.


Capital: Torheem

A wide expanse of open land...

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