Dark Lunari Kathorg

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After the Dark Wizard Zarvaz, the Dark Lunari Kathorg rose to power. He used the same strategy as the Dark Lunari Mathol and sent out individual soldiers of darkness to ravage the world. His power grew so great that soon no one could oppose him. Kathorg operated from his icy fortress called Rukda in the north of Bagda.


One then comes, none dare oppose.
skies grow dark, a light rekindled.
The meeting harsh, the storm destroys.

Dark Prophecy
Become an unopposed terror
Yearn the stormy horizon

It is common knowledge that no man of Nebulum can kill a Lunari, even a dark one. Because of this, the three Lunari who had killed Mathol left their temple in the year 3501 [5:560] to assist the world against this great enemy. They met Kathorg in battle at sea. Little is known of the battle since there were few survivors. The Lunari Kathiv was also killed in this battle, leaving only Dezhothokh and Tathel.