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Nebulum was created to follow a set of prophecies which were written by the Lunari upon its creation. Most people try not to understand the complexities of how these prophecies manipulate thier world and even their smallest interactions.

Light Prophecies

There are 45 prophecies which have always seemed to be fulfilled in groups of three with approximately five centuries between each triad.

Dark Prophecies

There are two dark prophecies for every three light prophecies. Many people do not believe them to be real, or even worth knowing about.

Creation of the World (Year 0 [1:0])
A world destroyed, a world created.
War must end, rules are changed.
The beginning to end, the end to begin.
From fire comes ash
A future from the past
Atalan and Nazada built (Year 492 [2:0])
Two kingdoms rise, two forces fight.
Two cities built, two kings oppose.
Darkness will spread, light will resist.
They rise on darkened ice
To power they gather
King Darthan defeated. (Year 1059 [2:567])
A city shines, great kings arise.
One million strong, the battle lose.
Fight for glory, die in shame.
Affray the overconfident undevout
Valor renewed is crushed
Dark Lunari Mathol (Year 1602 [2:1110])
Dark one stand, prove your might.
Send many out, see many die.
In terror rule, make darkness great.
Domains emerge populous
The flower of love fails
Nazada destroyed (Year 1993 [2:1501])
The world united, to battle irked.
Red ones lead, for honor charge.
A hope renewed, the spotted fall.
Veiled in transient evanescence
A cold white menace lingers
Lunari Temple built (Year 2604 [3:610])
Light ones gather, prepare for victory.
Time will pass, time will overcome.
A temple built, light will shine.
Lost numbers are summoned and saved
A power will rise to prominence
Dark Wizard Zarvaz (Year 2940 [4:335])
Dark armies march, lands grow dark.
Loss is normal, hope not found.
A savior stands, old rules discovered.
Send the lands to victory
Shun the unsung woman
Dark Lunari Kathorg (Year 3501 [5:560])
One then comes, none dare oppose.
skies grow dark, a light rekindled.
The meeting harsh, the storm destroys.
Become an unopposed terror
Yearn the stormy horizon
Dark Wizard Gerzh (Year 4003 [6:501])
Great ones withdraw, time goes on.
Battles last long, armies grow tired.
The normal routine, the world endeavors.
Fear not the ancient enemy
Follow the precedents
Dark Magicians (Year 4556 [8:0])
Light grows dim, an enemy revealed.
Near smoking earth, the many gather.
The darkness grows, the world fights.
Bring forth the earth and fire
Invincible strengths united
Gulith the Barbidon's legendary failure (Year 5019 [8:463])
An army embarks, a river traveled.
Waters flow swift, a cliff ascended.
A warning ignored, an army lost.
Weaken the foundations of heights
Lure the unsuspecting prey
Josloy defeats the Dark Magicians (Year 5689 [8:1133])
Of humble lineage, a worthy desire.
Long years alone, the passage revealed.
Great dragons fly, a hero rises.
From the south he comes
Take heed lest love prevails
Atalan Destroyed (Year 6035 [9:345])
A king departed, a sword forgotten.
The light submerged, a land divided.
Three races seperate, a lesser to guide.
Strike the brightest land
Submerge the light into the depths
Dark Wizard Voth (Year 6522 [10:486])
A castle built, the darkness spreads.
A race corrupted, a secret concealed.
One is known, one is hidden.
A dual lineage of the unrelated
The women will prevail
King Belgrave defeats Voth (Year 7000 [10:964])
A sword discovered, a king returns.
Three rings combined, three races united.
Love conquers hate, the end begins.
The last and the best
Seduction gathers the world