Dark Lunari Mathol

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Mathol is considered to be one of, if not the most powerful of the Dark Lunari to have ever risen to power sometime around the year 1602 [2:1110]. He resided in the dark fortress of Nazada and sent out soldiers of darkness to scour the countryside seeking anyone they could kill. When Mathol was finally killed, he unleashed the white plague and almost completely annihilated everyone living in Etnyben.


Dark one stand, prove your might.
Send many out, see many die.
In terror rule, make darkness great.

Dark Prophecy
Domains emerge populous
The flower of love fails

This is probably the only of the common prophecies with such dark overtones and the Dark Lunari Mathol certainly lived up to its calling. His soldiers of darkness operated alone instead of as armies, searching for people to kill. Many died in the secret of night and entire communities were terrorized during Mathol's reign. It wasn't until the following prophecies that Mathol finally met his match.

The world united, to battle irked.
Red ones lead, for honor charge.
A hope renewed, the spotted fall.

Dark Prophecy
Veiled in transient evanescence
A cold white menace lingers

Mathol killing Captain Nelenar and Colonel Ved shortly before his defeat.

In the year 1993 [2:1501], Great King Emanpugnikam brought an army against Nazada with numbers almost as great as Great King Darthan had brought in the year 1059 [2:567]. Three Lunari also joined in the army. After brief deliberation, it was decided that the army would be unable to break through the dark defenses but Kathiv the Lunari had a plan.

Emanpugnikam had brought 50,000 horsemen and Kathiv wanted them to join the ranks of the elite Red Exemplars. Despite the objections of Captain Nelenar of the Red Exemplars and many other Commanders present at the meeting, the combination of forces was completed in a way only prophecy could have managed. The following morning, every Red Exemplar cut his arm in a demonstration of their bonds with each other before they rode to battle and certain death.

It was the greatest charge in the entire history of Nebulum. The rest of the army watched as the dwindling numbers of the Red Exemplars surged across the field until they were nothing more than a red stain leading to the gates of Nazada. The rest of the battle was quick and the three Lunari, Dezhothokh, Kathiv, and Tathel, killed Mathol.