Dark Wizard Zarvaz

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The Dark Wizard Zarvaz rose to power not long after the Lunari built their temple and isolated themselves from the rest of the world. Instead of sending out individuals as the Dark Lunari Mathol had done, Zarvaz marched across the world with large armies.


Dark armies march, lands grow dark.
Loss is normal, hope not found.
A savior stands, old rules discovered.

Dark Prophecy
Send the lands to victory
Shun the unsung woman

In the year 2940 [4:335], a woman named Jadela'Mar claimed to have discovered how to use magic and tried to convince Great King Norgartil that she could defeat the Dark Wizard if he gave her soldiers to protect her. The Great King laughed it off as a joke but did give her five soldiers.

Jadela'Mar then attacked the Dark Wizard and not only managed to defeat the entire dark army and the Dark Wizard, but protected the five soldiers who had come with her. She was then richly rewarded for her deeds.