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The Lunari are a species which did not originate on Nebulum. Instead, they came from another world which they called Ka which was destroyed by the dark Lunari after almost three million years of war. Lunari also do not look like any known species. They appear as a figure of light or shadow, or in the case of Dezhothokh after he bound his light to the three rings, a faint cloud.

At the creation of Nebulum, all Lunari, to include the Dark Lunari, wrote the prophecies that governed the continuation and outcome of their war in this world. This event took place in the Forest of Aregos, and is probably also the location where the fathers of the three races were created.

Early on, the light Lunari were openly involved in the affairs the world, but as time went by, there were fewer openly involved in events. It was eventually discovered that the Lunari had been passing the time with the Light Lunari staying warm in the fires of a volcano. The hiding place of the Dark Lunari according to Josloy was in Etnyben, although that is considered by most to be just a rumor.

Lunari were the only race in Nebulum given the ability to use magic. However, this was spread to man and later the Awa when Ameht took a Lunari as his wife. Strangely, the only humans capable of using magic were female, and always had purple eyes.

It is believed that all Lunari perished by the end of the Battle of Nasad in the year 7000 [10:964].

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