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Magic is one of the things which makes Nebulum so interesting. It was given to the Lunari at the creation of the world as the means by which they would finish their war.

Who can use magic?

The banner of the Sisterhood of Jadela'Mar.

Magic can only be used by women of either full or partial Lunari descent. It has been rumored that men of Lunari descent could also possibly perform magic, but this has never happened. Many believe men cannot use magic because they are more aggressive and lack the necessary refinement and focus.

Many of the dark enemies also use magic. However, even among them, its use is restricted to Lunari and women of Lunari descent. The only exceptions are the Dark Wizards and Dark Magicians as all of them have been able to use it.

How is magic used?

There are several forms of magic: active, passive, and anti. Each form of magic has its specific purpose and uses. Active magic is the most common and is performed at the moment of need. Passive magic is usually a magic effect placed on a weapon or other item. Antimagic is extremely rare and barely discussed except by the most skilled, but renders an enemy's magic useless. Some people believe astrology is a fourth form of magic but it is not.

It is said that magic is done mostly though hand motions, especially the active magic. These may be difficult to master and perfection is something few achieve. Some among the more adept may even grow powerful enough that hand motions no longer matter. They merely have to think it. As Naiya'Nal once said, "I just focus on what needs to be done and it happens."

While some users of magic may be extremely strong, many require an object to amplify their abilities such as an orb or staff. Among the Sisterhood of Jadela'Mar, this has created a bit of a rift with some claiming that such use seperates the girls from the women. Even among the Dark Witches and although Voth discouraged it, the strong scoffed at those who needed the extra assistance.

Active Magic

There is a large variety of known active magics. These can range from fire to unseen walls.


Fire is one of the more common active magics. Its intensity can range from a small ball of flame to a roaring inferno streaming from the hands toward an enemy. Fire was the personal favorite of the Dark Magicians with streams of fire flowing from both their hands as they slowly moved across the rocky plain.


Ice is not frequently used although in the larger battles, some have used it to cause hail to fall on their enemies. A non-combat use would be to freeze a river so the person can cross. The only use Naiya'Nal ever found for this was to freeze the gelatinous barnacle creature she encountered while crossing the Dark Wasteland.


Lightning is a frequently used combat magic. It sends a thunderbolt where the user wants it to go. On occaision, this can be made to grow into a deadly storm, especially when mixed with ice and rain. Individual thunderbolts are a favorite for those who like an extremely quick but deadly attack. However, there is a greater chance of missing with such speed and even the greatest wielders of magic will take enough time to ensure their aim.


Rain can be welcome in small quantities but in large torrential downpours, an enemy army can become stuck in the mud. The Dark Lunari Mathol used rain against the army of Great King Emanpugnikam when he attacked Nazada. In the arctic lands at the bottom of the world, the freezing rain caused many to freeze to death even before they had come to their enemy.


The invisible wall is one of the more interesting forms of active magic and is very closely related to the antimagic. Walls can defend against incoming arrows or be made to move and push an enemy away. Usually when this is used, the person will hold their hands toward the item they wish to block. Kneeling can also help increase the effect. Walls of other shapes can also be made. The Dark Witch Vemrok made an invisible wedge by holding her hands in front of her with her palms facing outward and her fingers touching. Naiya'Nal was skilled enough that she could use moving walls that completely surrounded her.

Other Magics of Interest

After major battles, there are often reports of great storms that came and helped defeat the enemy. It is believed that these storms are the most extreme form of magic possible, giving the appearance that the magic comes from somewhere other than the user. At times, such storms may even have a combination of magic, sending down both ice and fire, or any other mixture, upon the enemy.

There have been several people who have attempted to use magic for healing purposes. However, it seems that this magic does not work the way it is intended. Those who use try this fall into a deep sweaty sleep for several days and wake up extremely tired. They also make claims about seeing the Lunari during their sleep.

Several members of the Sisterhood of Jadela'Mar claim they can use magic to see hidden things about the world around them. Elendra'Tel could see invisible markings left by Lunari. Some others managed to use their abilities to sense their surroundings, which in the case of Rarla'Nun, let her overcome her blindness.

One disastrous use of magic causes a massive blast, but at the cost of whomever decides to do this. According to Josloy, Methou and Fethashel used this at Razhinoch in 5679 [8:1123]. The result is a brilliant flash, and the destruction of anything in the near vicinity. Rarla'Nun once told Tora'Sor that the magic was used by the Dark Magicians to destroy Eranithon, and the flash blinded almost two hundred members of the Sisterhood of Jadela'Mar.

Most people have wondered why magic is represented by the color purple. Only one woman, a member of the Sisterhood of Jadela'Mar named Kinto'Thaz, ever gave an answer. She suggested that if an individual's magic could be seperated from the body, it would appear in the form of a purple aura. It is not known if she ever successfully demonstrated or proved her theory.

Passive Magic

Passive magic usually takes the form of a spell or effect placed upon an object. It also includes various potions.


Potions are made of mixed ingredients. They are quite rare since very few users of magic know the proper mixtures. Because of this, the use of potions outside primitive medicinal uses is unheard of except by the dark enemies who live much longer and have the time to practice their making and use. This changed somewhat just prior to the defeat of the Dark Wizard Gerzh. His book of potions was stolen by the Sisterhood of Jadela'Mar, and some potions were eventually required learning within the order.

Most people considered it sensationalist, but Josloy once wrote that the White Plague that ravaged Etnyben following the defeat of the Dark Lunari Mathol was actually the result of a potion of sorts.


Spells are placed upon an inanimate object such as a weapon or armor. For example, the Dark Wizard Voth has a knife with a spell which causes the enemy to become distracted during a fight unless the enemy closes his eyes. Belgrave's sword glows because of a spell.

Tora'Sor was quite adept at using spells. Among her more interesting spells, she once used spoons as a trap for two travelers who meant to harm her, and also made a strip of cloth that could bind around someone as if with rope.


Antimagic is extremely hard to control and very unpredictable. However, it can be used to render an enemy's magic useless. It surrounds a target with an invisible boundary through which no magic may pass. Among the Sisterhood of Jadela'Mar, this is used during the early training stages of new sisters. The Dark Wizard Voth did not teach it to his Dark Witches so he would always have the upper hand if they turned against him.