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Tanarad is an elliptical shaped land just south of Panei, north of Etnyben, and east of Hayve. Tanarad was divided into the five regions of Duhobrek, Gadella, Heroabe, Otopo, and Wekined. The northern edge of Tanarad is lined by the Wulu'Mu'Bar Mountains. This range of mountains was divided in half and also extended further south by a great earthquake in the year 6035 [9:345].


Tanarad is probably the greatest land in all Nebulum. It was here that the Lunari wrote their prophecies and the races were created. The first city, Atalan, was also the greatest city ever built. It was in this city that the Great Kings ruled over the world.

After Atalan's destruction in 6035 [9:345], Amehtana became the ruling city of Tanarad. During this time until the coming of King Belgrave, Tanarad followed no king but was still governed by various politicians.

Map of Tanarad

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