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The universal language of Nebulum is spoken by everyone that lives there. It is believed to have been developed by the Lunari at creation. It is possible that over time, several changes may have been made, but if so, they went unnoticed since as the changes felt natural.

The Universal Language is written from left to right with vowels that come to the left of a consonant merging with that consonant to become a single glyph.


b d p t
s j v z
f l m n
ch k sh g
r h w x
a e i o u y
a e i o u y
th oi
Sample Text
A sword discovered, a king returns.
Three rings combined, three races united.
Love conquers hate, the end begins.

Dialects and Derivatives

Several other languages have originated from the Universal Language.

  • Awaan, the common language of the Awa, has removed many of the sounds used in the Universal Language. They have also changed their alphabet to reflect this change.
  • The giants speak their own dialect of the Universal Language. Many words have been removed to fit their less intelligent lifestyle.
  • Tunnel Text is a method of writing the Universal Language vertically. It is only used by the Tunnel Guard at the Fortress of Nasad.
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