Factions of Fins and Feet

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Factions of Fins and Feet is a medium length story that tells of the events surrounding the defeat of the Dark Wizard Gerzh and the cause for the subsequent schism between the Awa who live in the sea and everyone that lives on land.


In response to a surprise invasion of Tanarad by the Dark Wizard Gerzh, the Awa put together their own army in an attempt to stop the Dark Wizard before his army travels inland. Through a series of unfortunate incidents, Mara'Uto, a young Awa girl, is taken with the army, only to find herself stuck on land between the army of the Dark Wizard and the goal of their invasion, the great city of Atalan. With the assistance of the Sisterhood of Jadela'Mar, she must travel across Tanarad and warn the Great King of the coming attack.

Named Characters

Andara'CasAntakAshle'DerBelmet II, PrinceBeltay, Great KingBenum'HaBroinBurita'NelDenet'MuFelarikam I, Great KingGerzhGotpodHefa'UboHoluna'KovIkarla'YolIshlemenJerutobikozordJomaka'MonKathorgKuzarnKwomMara'UtoNemar'NuNeped'WoOckParah'WePurishi'KanRegu'TutRemen'FuShime'KarSiphi'MemSivonugTakora'HetTamu'EdaTaygorThesu'RahTirabisuWona'LekZarvazZog Zog

Named Places

AmehtanaAmisAnamnesis, Bay ofAtalanBormarorEeramanHayveItragoniMayveTanaradTherazanTorudo RiverWulu'Mu'Bar Mountains

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