Flags and Banners

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There are a number of flags and banners used throughout Nebulum.


Flags of Tanarad usually have a white background which has been used since the Lunari chose that land when they began to build their main city of Atalan. Other than the addition of the two dragons when Belgrave became king, the symbols on the white background are exclusive to representing a specific individual or organization.


Originally, the official flag and color of Panei was yellow. When the nation divided into multiple kingdoms, variations of orange were added to distinguish between them. Symbols can be added overtop both the yellow and the national variations to create individualized banners.


The color of Sarda and specifically the Barbidons is blue. Most people think this has something to do with the bluish skin of the Barbidons but it is unlikely since other non-Barbidon occupants of Sarda also used the blue. Among the Barbidons, symbols were not used, but patterns could be used to personalize the flags.


The color of the Canari is green and is probably the only racially-restricted main color for flags. Their banners were not personalized, but some alterations were made to distinguish the ranks of various Canar such as their queen.


Other flags and banners were flown for various organizations, individuals, and causes. Most were unique and served a specific purpose.